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Biden to pitch COVID relief plan in CNN town hall


Taylor Glascock for CNN

As he headed to Wisconsin today, President Biden took his pitch about the urgency of his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package outside of Washington for the first time, and he’s using the CNN town hall as an opportunity to drum up public support for the legislation worming its way through Congress.

But a senior White House official says Biden sees the town hall as an opportunity to not only pitch his relief package, but also to have a conversation with everyday Americans and hear about the challenges they are facing during these twin health and economic crises.

“He’s excited to be going out there to meet with the American people to have a conversation directly with them” and to “listen and hear the challenges” they are going through, this official said.

The famously gregarious politician has been itching to get out of Washington and interact with the public, interactions that have been limited amid the ongoing pandemic. And a senior official said today’s trip will likely be the first of several as Biden continues to drum up support for the relief package.

“I think that’s what he’s most excited about doing this week,” the official said. “This is something that he wants to do and something that he’s excited about doing.”


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