New Jersey governor says COVID-19 is “pretty much up and down the state”

Virus Outbreak New Jersey

FILE – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy speaks during a coronavirus briefing in Trenton, N.J., Tuesday, June 9, 2020. On Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020, Murphy, a Democrat, was speaking at a workforce development event his office organized with Democratic Rep. Donald Norcross at Camden County Collegewhen he said he had just learned a contact had tested positive. The governor said he has no symptoms and last tested negative on Monday. (Anne-Marie Caruso/The Record via AP, Pool)

The Covid-19 virus is “pretty much up and down the state” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Wednesday, adding that all options are on the table in terms of potential restrictions.

“I continue to think it’s more likely scalpel community-focused surging of capacities and enforcement, but we have to leave all options on the table,” said Murphy to CNN affiliate WPIX.

He added that the state entered the surge in a “strong position,” with more knowledge of the virus and the demographic shifting toward a younger population.

“It’s serious, there’s no question about it,” said Murphy. “It’s really migrated from hotspots in particular communities or in higher education, now it’s pretty much up and down the state. The big metro New York counties have the most cases.”

Murphy said that New Jersey will rely on state executive orders and the same playbook used a couple weeks ago in hotspots like Lakewood to curtail spread of the virus in new hotspots like the East and North wards in Newark.

“Plusing up — surging testing, tracing, using the bullhorn including in languages other than English, so first is Portuguese in the East Ward of Newark,” said Murphy. “And also cranking up compliance and enforcement.”

Newark is under new restrictions this week following Covid-19 spread in the area. The new restrictions, in part, require non-essential businesses to close at 8 p.m. local time.


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