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WWE Monday Night Raw results: September 28, 2020

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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show & Christian kicked off Raw with a celebration after McIntyre’s Ambulance Match win over Randy Orton at Clash of Champions. However, the night ended on a much different note, as Randy Orton sunk to a new low to live up to the name “Legend Killer.”

Randy Orton gave a warning to Drew McIntyre, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show & Christian

Monday Night Raw kicked off with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show and Christian all smiles after the Legends returned to give Randy Orton a taste of his own medicine, helping McIntyre retain the WWE Title in an Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions.

But Orton interrupted to remind them that anyone who crosses The Legend Killer would have a price to pay, before leaving the arena.

With Orton gone, McIntyre issued an open challenge for a WWE Championship Match later in the night to anyone that has not previously challenged him. Who would step up and accept?

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka def. Zelina Vega

After a heated confrontation backstage prior to the bell, Zelina Vega came out of the gates furiously as she tried to prove herself once again against Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Vega put in a solid effort, but The Empress of Tomorrow cinched in the Asuka Lock to earn the submission victory and retain her title.

Keith Lee def. Andrade

As his former manager Zelina Vega was helped to the backstage area, still feeling the effects of the Asuka Lock, Andrade gloated, declaring that both Vega and Angel Garza were weak links, holding him back from achieving his full potential, before daring anyone to face him. Andrade’s challenge was quickly answered by Keith Lee. Andrade temporarily stunned The Limitless One, but Lee recovered and put Andrade down for the three-count in decisive fashion after a thunderous Spirit Bomb.

R-Truth, Drew Gulak & Akira Tozawa traded the 24/7 Title

While enjoying a meal backstage, R-Truth was interrupted by a ninja bearing a note from Akira Tozawa, who was last seen having an unfortunate run-in with a shark. The note looked back fondly on Truth and Tozawa’s encounters and ended with the ninja bequeathing Tozawa’s black belt to Truth. As the 24/7 Champion lamented his rival’s disappearance, Tozawa emerged from under a nearby table with a referee, to roll Truth up and capture the 24/7 Title. Tozawa’s reign was short-lived, as the ninja quickly pinned Tozawa, revealing himself as Drew Gulak. The Philadelphia Stretcher’s reign was also a short one, as Truth walloped him with a briefcase to start his 41st reign as champion and run off.

Seth Rollins revealed Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy’s secret DMs

After months of torment by Seth Rollins, fractures began to show in the Mysterio family’s close bonds. Rey Mysterio, his son Dominik, daughter Aalyah and wife Angie appeared on Jerry Lawler’s “King’s Court” to update the WWE Universe on where they stand.

Aalyah said that her encounter with Murphy last Monday was not welcomed and that she questioned why anyone would willingly associate themselves with Rollins.

However, Rollins had evidence that all was not as it seemed. The Monday Night Messiah revealed private DMs between Aalyah and his disciple, including Aalyah wishing Murphy a happy birthday. The daughter of Rey Mysterio then insisted that Murphy wasn’t like Rollins, to the dismay of her family, then stormed off. Meanwhile, a furious Murphy confronted The Monday Night Messiah, demanding to know why Rollins went through his phone. But before Murphy could get any answers, Dominik flew into the scene, attacking Murphy before being pulled off by WWE officials.

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke def. Natalya & Lana

Natalya & Lana began their night demanding that Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler be stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles and that they be crowned champions.

WWE official Adam Pearce arrived to let “The BOAT” and The Ravishing Russian know that would not be happening, but the two could prove themselves against the newest tag team on Raw – Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke.

Lana welcomed the newcomers to Raw with a slap to The Golden Goddess’ face, which only infuriated Rose, who dropped The Ravishing Russian with a devastating knee strike to pick up the win.

Kevin Owens def. Aleister Black by disqualification

The heated rivalry between Kevin Owens and Aleister Black was renewed on Raw, as the two brutalized each other with bruising strikes. However, The Dutch Destroyer’s rage cost him. As he was unleashing a flurry of strikes on KO, Black inadvertently struck the official, who had no choice but to disqualify Black and award Owens the victory. Then, as Black argued with the referee, KO turned him around and dropped Black with a Stunner.

24/7 Champion R-Truth def. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa

After their quick trading of the 24/7 Championship earlier in the night, R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak engaged in a more formal battle for the title inside the WWE ThunderDome. Despite a spirited effort from the challengers, Truth won with a thunderous AA to retain his title

Murphy def. Dominik Mysterio

After the events of “The King’s Court,” Dominik Mysterio unleashed his rage on Murphy from the opening bell, not letting up on The Monday Night Messiah’s disciple. Mysterio went under the ring to grab a Kendo stick, which brought his sister, Aalyah, to ringside. She begged Dominik not to batter Murphy with it, insisting that he wasn’t like Seth Rollins. The distraction gave Murphy the opening to roll up Dominik for the three-count and escape before he could take too many Kendo stick lashes.

A furious Dominik confronted his sister, saying that he’s only trying to protect his family and its legacy. When Aalyah refused to relent in her defense of Murphy, Dominik seemingly agreed with his father, telling his sister to her face that she’s naïve. That led to Aalyah slapping her brother in the face before once again storming off.

Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews & Ricochet def. The Hurt Business

Mustafa Alli, Apollo Crews & Ricochet had a game plan heading into this Six-Man Tag Team showdown: take out Bobby Lashley. The trio went right after the United States Champion and sought to neutralize him. Any counter The Hurt Business had in mind went out the window when the lights in the WWE ThunderDome began to flicker, seemingly signaling the arrival of RETRIBUTION.

However, the rebels did not arrive, but the distraction may have thrown MVP, Lashley and Shelton Benjamin off their game, as Mustafa Ali crushed MVP with a 450 Splash to get the win for his team.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre def. Robert Roode

Confident as ever, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre awaited his challenger. When Dolph Ziggler arrived, McIntyre was frustrated, as he asked that someone he hadn’t faced before step up. But Ziggler was only here to herald the arrival of Robert Roode, who was making his first appearance on the red brand since being traded to Raw in June alongside The Showoff in exchange for AJ Styles.

The Glorious One, a former NXT, United States and Raw Tag Team Champion, was ready as ever for his first crack at the WWE Championship. Roode brought the fight to McIntyre, grounding the WWE Champion with an agonizing Figure-Four Leglock that hobbled the titleholder and nearly captured the championship with the Glorious DDT, but there was no keeping McIntyre down. The WWE Champion fought through the pain and connected with a huge Claymore to retain his title.

Randy Orton ambushed Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show & Christian

Back in the Legends’ Lounge, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show & Christian were enjoying their night and celebrating McIntyre’s victory over a game of poker. But the fun would come to a screeching halt. Disguised as a janitor, Randy Orton slithered back into the arena, and donning a pair of night vision goggles, cut the lights and brutally attacked all four Legends with a steel chair. The Viper cunningly put his disguise back on just as WWE officials arrived, having pulled off a horrific deed.

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