Report: Germain Racing allows employees to seek employment elsewhere

Germain Racing has granted employees permission to seek employment elsewhere for the 2021 season, Toby Christie confirmed on Friday.

The news, which was first reported as a rumor by the NASCAR Rumor Mill Twitter account, comes three days after the team stated they are exploring all of their options for 2021, including a possible sale of the team.

NASCAR Rumor Mill also stated that Richard Petty Motorsports team members have been told to look at other employment options for 2021, but Christie reported that that rumor is false, stating that “none of them have been made aware of any plans for 2021 as of yet.”

Germain Racing’s reported actions do not confirm that the team has been sold, as Christie notes, saying “the team is willing to allow their current employees to find a more stable opportunity as they have been open about every option — including sale — being on the table for the No. 13 team.”

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