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There were problems at the WWE SmackDown tapings

smackdown-rttAs previously noted, there was chaos at the Raw tapings on Monday and a lot of segments were rewritten and the taping for next Monday’s show continued late into the night.

It turns out that there were issues on Tuesday for the Friday Night SmackDown tapings.

WWE was supposed to tape two episodes of Friday Night SmackDown on Tuesday but there were issues that prevented them from doing that. They were able to tape this week’s episode but everyone will need to go back to the Performance Center next week for the 8/14 episode. Dave Meltzer explained what happened on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Things happened, I don’t know if it was test-related or what,” Meltzer said. “There were key people on SmackDown that were scripted into the show and the show ended up having the script torn apart and redone anyways as Raw was. On late Monday night, they made the call to only tape one SmackDown show instead of two on Tuesday. It was a complete mess on Tuesday and so that show is on Friday. Now they have to come back on the 13th.”

Meltzer added that they will be taping NXT on the Wednesday on 8/12. On 8/13 they will tape the 8/14 episode of SmackDown and the 8/17 episode of Raw. They also have a show to tape for the 8/21 SmackDown but it’s unknown at this time when that show will be taped. The 8/21 SmackDown was originally supposed to be taped on 8/17 along with Raw but that has been changed.

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