Patriots K Rohrwasser to have tattoo removed

2New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser told a Boston television station that he plans to have his controversial tattoo removed.

Rohrwasser, selected in the fifth round of the NFL draft last weekend, has a tattoo on his left arm that looks similar to the symbols of the “Three Percenters,” a right-wing militia group formed in 2008.

He told WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Boston, that he didn’t know the meaning of the tattoo when he got it at age 18. He previously said he would cover it up, but in the interview posted late Monday he said he will have it removed.

“As soon as I saw what it was linked to on Saturday, at exactly that time I knew I had to get it totally taken off my body,” said Rohrwasser, who played at Marshall. “I said cover it up but I want to get it removed from my body. It’s shameful that I had it on there ignorantly.

“I’m sorry for all my family that have to defend me. Putting them in that compromising position is one of the biggest regrets I’ll ever have. To them I’m sorry, and I’m going to learn from this. I’m going to take ownership of it. … No matter what, that’s not who I am and hopefully you all will find that out.”

On Saturday, he said he thought when he got the tattoo that it was pro-military and was supporting family members in the service.

The Patriots selected Rohrwasser as a potential replacement for veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who was released in March.

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