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Brees: Sports will help in nation’s recovery

6New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said sports will help Americans return to normalcy once the threat of the coronavirus fades and games can begin again.

“That’s typically something that’s really brought us through a lot of tough situations throughout our country,” Brees said on Wednesday’s installment of “The Ellen Show,” per ESPN. “I think people have been able to lean on their local sports teams or national teams to just unite them and get their minds off the challenges of daily life or daily struggle.

“We don’t even have that right now, and I think that’s another reason why this is so tough. And obviously we hope that football can be back to normal — or this can be back to normal so that we can play real football.”

Brees and his wife, Brittany, also discussed their $5 million donation to Louisiana charities amid the coronavirus pandemic and what it’s like to homeschool their four children with host Ellen DeGeneres.

The 41-year-old quarterback — the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, touchdowns and completions – also said he’s eager to face off against Tom Brady, who has taken up residence in the NFC South with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Yeah, well, the division just got a little bit better, didn’t it?” Brees said about Brady’s offseason move to the Bucs. “And in addition to that, Teddy Bridgewater — who played so well for us with the Saints last year when I got hurt — he’s now the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. So our division has Teddy Bridgewater, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and myself with the Saints.

“It’s always been a very challenging division, and it just kicked up a notch.”

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