219 people die of coronavirus in NYC in 24 hours, with nearly 68,000 cases as death toll reaches 2,475

New York City reported another 219 people died of coronavirus in just under 24 hours as the number of confirmed cases grew to nearly 68,000 on Monday morning, health data shows.

There were 67,820 confirmed cases in the city as of Monday at 9:30 a.m., an increase of 4,053 people from 9:45 a.m. the day before, according to the Health Department.

Coronavirus has killed 2,475 people in New York City as of Monday morning, a 9.7% jump since the death toll reported as of 9:45 a.m. Sunday.

The vast majority of those who have died were older and or had preexisting health conditions like diabetes, asthma, lung disease, cancer and immunodeficiency.

Just over 94% of people who died were over 45 years old and 65.6% of all 2,475 had underlying health conditions. Nearly 46% of people who died were at least 75 years old. Nearly 63% of people who have died of coronavirus were men.

The average age of the 67,820 people confirmed to have COVID-19 is 50 and 51% are at least 50 years old, health data shows. Fifty-four percent of confirmed cases are in men.

Health officials have cautioned that the number of people infected with coronavirus in New York City is likely much higher than confirmed cases because many New Yorkers can’t or won’t be tested.

Queens remains the epicenter of the pandemic in New York City, with the most confirmed cases and deaths of all five boroughs, health data shows.

At least 22,767 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Queens, where 771 have died of the virus as of Monday morning.

Brooklyn had at least 18,215 confirmed cases and 669 deaths, the Bronx had at least 13,397 cases and 627 deaths, Manhattan had at least 9,624 cases and 277 deaths and Staten Island had at least 3,780 and 130 deaths.

New York Daily News

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