Star Wars Battlefront 2’s fed-up droid becomes immortal death machine


Now you done it! EA DICE/Electronic Arts via Scorpion5437/Reddit

The first room of the first level of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign gives you a helpless, silver, C-3POish protocol droid that you can shock unconscious for laughs if you like. But if you try to do it a second time, it’s a one-way ticket to Planet Ass-whoopin’, population: you.

This hilare video (hat-tip to Kotaku) went up on the Battlefront subreddit on Friday. Whether a glitch or an Easter egg, it’s still awesome, as the droid becomes full-on immortal, whips out a blaster, and starts unloading on poor Iden Versio (who appears to be replaying the first mission here, with some perks enabled).

Read more on Polygon

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