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Weapons Hot: A Sitdown with Neil Villapiano (Recon Missions)

weapons-hotAs CJ and Kevin kick off the brand new installment of “Recon Missions”, the boys have a very special guest joining them for this mission- the host of “The NVP Show” and author of the book “J-E-T-S, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN”, Mr. Neil Villapiano.

Some of the topics covered in tonight’s show were…

– A brief bio on our guest, Neil Villapiano
– A dip into the mailbag, as fans who sent us some questions, get to hear them asked live!
– The Quinnen Williams situation
and, of course….Kevin’s own segment “In the Spotlight” featuring Head Coach Adam Gase.

So, put your kids to bed, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy the show as we get ready to WEAPONS HOT!!!

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