Rob Lowe tries again with Fox spinoff ‘9-1-1 Lone Star’

ent1Television executives rarely say no to a spinoff. The latest, “FBI: Most Wanted,” seemed like the right choice for CBS. The ratings are good. If any new series posts decent numbers these days, it seems like a miracle.

It will be interesting to see if viewers will embrace “9-1-1: Lone Star,” the first spawn of Fox’s Monday-night hit show “9-1-1.” That series, created by Ryan Murphy, uses its LA location to great effect, having already staged an earthquake in the middle of the city, blown up a firetruck downtown and created a tsunami at the beach in Santa Monica with help from a first-rate special effects team. A gung-ho cast led by Angela Bassett and Peter Krause rappels off cliffs overlooking the Pacific and wades through waist-high water to save the imperiled guest stars week after week. The thrills come from seeing if the company can pull off these complicated, sometimes crazy, stunts.

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