Major League Baseball

Yankees trade one of their late-inning relievers?

Aroldis Chapman is throwing a 1.93 ERA and a 1.00
WHIP in 14 innings pitched so far in 2016.

Scott White of CBS Sports on Thursday wrote a fantasy baseball piece discussing 25 possible fantasy “things that need to happen.”

One of those “things” really caught our eyes here at The Line Drive.

What was that “thing?”

Well, White said he could see the New York Yankees trading away one of their late-inning relievers, like Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, or Dellin Betances.

Read what White said below:

It’s hardly a novel concept, what with the Cubs and Giants reportedly showing interest, but the fact is Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances would likely be closing games for just about any other team. 

Only one can for the Yankees, though, which translates to wasted potential in Fantasy. If any of these three goes anywhere else, he’s an immediate stud, so you’ll want to have your finger on the pulse.

Check out Chapman, Miller, and Betances’ 2016 stats below. These stats are accurate as of before the Yankees vs. Twins on June 16, 2016.

Aroldis Chapman: RP / New York Yankees
ERA: 1.93 – WHIP: 1.00 – IP: 14 – BB/9: 1.9 – K/9: 13.5

Andrew Miller: RP / New York Yankees
ERA: 1.30 – WHIP: 0.69 – IP: 27 2/3 – BB/9: 1.0 – K/9: 16.6

Dellin Betances: RP / New York Yankees
ERA: 3.23 – WHIP: 0.98 – IP: 30 2/3 – BB/9: 2.3 – K/9: 17.3

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