What Jarret Stoll and others said about the delay of game call in the third:

7:19AM: Alain Vigneault said on MSG last night, “not exactly sure what he is supposed to do there. He blocks a shot, puck is underneath him, he has four guys poking at him, not quite sure what he is supposed to do.”

Henrik Lundqvist said on MSG, “I think at times they can probably call it, but it’s probably a 50/50. You see so many times guys stay down, especially around the net. They better be 100% sure if they call it, again, it is the rule, but you see it so many times around the net. It’s hard to stand up when guys are poking at you.”

1:11AM: 2:57 into the third period last night, with the Rangers already short handed, Jarret Stoll was called for delay of game.

Stoll was on the ice with the puck somewhere underneath him and a crowd of players around him.
After the game, Stoll said on MSG “from the way that he explained it to me. He thought that maybe I covered it or kept it within my body. I understand that if I held it or gloved it with my hand, that is one thing, but if it’s just within my body and they are hacking and whacking trying to get it out of there, there is no way that I can get up on that, I don’t think. It’s a tough call, to make that call to go down 5 on 3 it’s tough on our team. That was kind of a weird play.”

Asked if he was told it was a penalty because he didn’t get off the puck, Stoll said “he thought that I did, maybe I agree with him, if I do glove it and hold onto it in my glove, that is a penalty but it’s not what I did.”

Ryan McDonagh said on MSG that he wasn’t sure of the ruling and that since Stoll likely didn’t know where the puck was he was just staying still and hoping “someone else can dig it out.”
McDonagh added, “I don’t think he covered it with his hands. I don’t think he knew where it was and in that situation you don’t really move.”

Joe Micheletti said that he didn’t like the call against Stoll and that the replays he saw didn’t show put his hand over the puck. “The puck was underneath him and you don’t have to do anything, they can blow it dead. When they whistled him for that to give Vancouver a 5 on 3 I thought it was the wrong call.”

Dave Maloney said that “maybe the refs played a role that they probably shouldn’t have.”

The NHL explanation on why the Rangers lost their challenge
7:18AM: Henrik Lundqvist was asked on MSG last night if he felt the call should have been goalie interference and said, “No. I didn’t think. Was there, contact..yea, but not enough to call goalie interference. Thought it was a good goal. Tough play.”
12:39AM: From the NHL:

At 9:24 of the third period in the Rangers/Canucks game, New York requested a Coach’s Challenge to review whether a Vancouver player interfered with New York goaltender Henrik Lundqvist before the puck crossed the goal line.

After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Referee confirmed no goaltender interference infractions occurred before the puck crossed the goal line.
Therefore the original call stands – good goal Vancouver Canucks.
Since the Coach’s Challenge did not result in the original call being overturned, the New York Rangers forfeit their time-out.

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